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Van Winkle Lab

Graduate Students

  • Donald AndersonDon is a third year graduate student in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Program. His primary focus is studying the inflammatory effects of inhaled particulate matter. This includes the study of different types of particulate matter and the combined effects of particulate matter with other contributing factors such as ozone. Additionally, Don is studying nanoparticle deposition and translocation. Don is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a bachelors degree in Biology with an emphasis in Molecular Biology. He has worked in the Van Winkle Lab in various capacities since the summer of 2006.
  • Jackie ChanJackie is a third year graduate student in the Pharmacology and Toxicology program at UC Davis studying how oxidant stressors, like particulate matter, affect cells in the lung. His primary focus will is to understand cellular processes responsible for detoxification of the many toxins and xenobiotics found in particulate matter including process regulated by AhR and nrf2. Jackie has worked in the Van Winkle lab since 2005, when he was an undergraduate student majoring in Genetics here at UC Davis. Jackie is an NIEHS trainee in environmental toxicology.
  • Shannon MurphyShannon is a fourth year Pharmacology and Toxicology doctoral student whose research focuses on the effects of ozone and allergen on postnatal development including neural-ligand receptor relationships in the asthmatic hyperresponsive airway. Her work models pulmonary oxidant and allergen exposure during childhood. In Fall 2010, Shannon received a US EPA STAR Fellowship. She employs airway microdissection, immunohistochemistry, histopathology, microscopy, explant culture and gene expression in her work. Shannon recieved a Bachelor's in Animal Science at UC Davis and worked several years in the biotechnology industry before returning to UC Davis to pursue her doctoral degree. Her future endeavors include somday returning to industry and/or consulting for biotechnology firms or research labs. Outside of school Shannon enjoys riding her horses, working her ranch and running.

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